今晚六给彩开奖结果-竞彩足球彩票怎么打不开-冬奥会金牌得主的奖金最多超过3亿韩元:EU referendum is the most important ballot in a generation

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Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now Ed Fulton, political spokesman for Sporting Index, said: “The weight of money is starting to really build up behind a vote for Brexit。

With a few hours to go I am urging young people to register to vote。
Ladbrokes said the prospect of Brexit has increased 10% after a week when the Leave campaign’s warnings about immigration have dominated headlines。
But these could be at risk if we vote to leave the EU。
The PM said leaving the EU would plunge the UK into recession with businesses going bust, unemployment rising and sterling falling - followed by a “decade of uncertainty” as Britain seeks new trade deals with the rest of the world。


The Leave campaign is now at its highest point since the campaign began (Image: Getty) “Add those things together - the shock impact, the uncertainty impact, the trade impact - and you put a bomb under our economy,” Mr Cameron said。
Read more:David Cameron warns Brexit will put a bomb under our economy “This is bigger than any one polit


ician - which is why I urge everyone to go out and register so they can have their say。
Boris Johnson has accepted the pound could take a short-term hit (Image: Christopher Furlong) It included Learco Chindamo - the Italian national who murdered headteacher Philip Lawrence in 1995 - and Theresa Rafacz, a Polish national who killed her husband while he lay on the ground drunk。
Mr Nakanishi says Japanese firms are responsible for 140,000 jobs in the UK。
5 cents against the US dollar as markets began to face up to the prospect of Britain pulling out of the EU。
People have until midnight on Tuesday to register to vote (Image: Getty) “This decision is vital for all of our futures so we need everyone to take part。
poll loadingShould Britains future be inside or outside the EU?5000+ VOTES SO FARINOUT Read MoreEU Referendum 2016EU referendum results explainedPound plunges after Leave winsWhat happens next after Brexit?David Cameron resigns。
“Brexit would force us and similar companies to rethink, because we still have a European vision, and would be disadvantaged in pursuing it from the UK,” he says。
That’s just one of the reasons we are safer inside the EU。
” Speaking at a cross-party event alongside leading Labour, Lib Dem and Green politicians, Mr Cameron warned Brexit would be like putting “a bomb under the economy”。